Rating: 5/5
Place: On the right side before the entrance of Hero Kemang
Portion: OK
Price: $$$
Service: O-kay
Tips: The place is very small, only fit for 3 persons for dining in. So definitely not for hang out or meeting with your friends. It also doesn't have parking space, the nearest save parking space is in the area of Hero Kemang. Closed on Monday.

As the wife of an expatriate who lives in Jakarta. I know how difficult it is to find a nice bread for my husband. Unfortunately, the definition of "NICE Bread" for Europeans is totally different from Asian people. They are looking more to brown and hard bread compare to the soft white bread that we can find easily in supermarkets and bakeries. In the beginning, we bought our bread in Dharmawangsa Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel and Borobudur Hotel. But after several years, the quality and the taste were not the same anymore. So we stopped buying from those hotels and started to look for other place.

And now the search for nice bread is finished. Because we found a small place in the corner of the street near Hero Kemang, a new French Bakery. The owner, Sophie, bakes croissants and bread by herself to keep the authenticity of the taste. Honestly, I am not exaggerating about the taste of the croissants: they're HEAVENLY! The best croissants I have ever eaten in Indonesia! Crispy, buttery and the softness is just perfect! They use Swiss chocolate, so the chocolate doesn't taste like cheap chocolate compound. When you bite the croissant, it will make "crunch" sound. Gosh! Why they have only just opened now? 

My favorite chocolate croissant and my husband's favorite almond croissant (IDR 20,000/USD 2)
By now, I know Sophie and her Indonesian husband. And she knows that I always order chocolate croissant and almond croissant. So, more or less I feel like home in there :) Sophie also likes to talk in French if she knows that the customers can speak in French. Love to hear their accent. I feel like I am in Paris! However, her Bahasa is also perfect. So not to worry about the language, and she can speak English, too.
Still water will be served every time you eat in and the nice Cappuccino is based on Nespresso Coffee. Don't forget to buy the fresh baguette, they are really crispy outside and soft inside!


Gourmet eater
02/19/2013 4:49pm

I definitely agree, this place is really great when you are aiming at French quality! I came back from a trip to France end of November and discovered the place in beginning of December... the first time I entered the shop (and every time since that) I was just transported back to France with the smell, the atmosphere and most certainly the taste, whether it is the crazy good little lemon tarts, the crunchy breads, the amazing real butter croissants... a must try!

PS: I've heard that Sophie is working on opening a café shop next door with sandwiches and much much more... really looking forward to be able to gather with friends and family there and show this little jewel of quality food!

02/19/2013 10:24pm

Really? That's great news!! I can't wait to try more foods made by Sophie! Thank you for your info :)


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