8 malls in 3 days? Don't claim you're shopaholic if you can't do that! Following my review about the traditional Chatuchak Weekend Market, I am now going to give you tips and highlight 8 famous and MUST VISIT malls in Bangkok.

Day 1
Set your schedule from 10am - 6pm to visit the Siam area. If you are not staying in the main shopping center area (BTS stations Siam or Chit Lom), find the closest BTS station near your place and hop on the train since it is likely the fastest and most convenient transportation to reach Siam. Taking a taxi or car to this area is a really bad.. bad.. idea since this is the one of the worst traffic areas in Bangkok. It could take it up to 1 hour to reach the mall by car.

Take a walk along sky walk if you're staying near the Siam or Chit Lom area. It will take you 5-10 minutes to reach the Siam Shopping Mall area. The sky walk is clean and nice to walk on with your high heels. But if you want to spend your time browsing the stores, use your flat shoes or rubber based shoes/sandals. It will give you more support for longer shopping hours.
1.     Siam Paragon

First stop Siam Paragon. This is the biggest shopping mall in the Siam area. From international luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Coach, Chanel, Hermes to clothing brands such as Zara & Uniqlo.

The highlight of the mall is the IMAX theater, the food court in the basement and Club 21.

The food court offers many types of food: Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and many more. You can find so many Japanese food, snack and sweet vendors in here.

Most of the merchants accept credit cards for payment. So if your cash is not sufficient, just remember to use your magic card. 

Plan your shopping:

The luxury international brands. Price and selection more or less the same as in Jakarta.

2.     Siam Center

After you finish strolling Siam Paragon, take a walk to Siam Center, a shopping center right next to it. I love this shopping center. It’s the edgiest and has a touch of art compared to the others. In here you can find regular brands XXI Forever, Charles & Keith, Havaianas, MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown as well as local brands. The shopping mall is not that big compared to Paragon, but it is nicely done. Every corner has uniqueness and its own different touch. 

In some parts of the mall, you can find a nice seating area (for free) for you to sit if you feel tired after a couple hours walking around Siam area.

Don't miss In Seconda, a multi brand boutique that sell Furla, Melissa etc. 

Plan your shopping:
www. siamcenter.co.th/directory.php

Sexy Lips.. These ones are even better than Angelina Jolie's!
This reminds me of the old Batman TV series. Maybe they just forget to make the "POW" part.
The open space between Siam Center and Siam Discovery. Something that I am longing to have in Jakarta. A space between 2 big malls where you can sit, relax, put all of your shopping bags (without being afraid somebody will snatch them).
3.     Siam Discovery

Continue your shopping path to Siam Discovery which is located right next to Siam Center. 

The highlight of this place is definitely LoFT! So far this is the biggest store after their main store in Shibuya, Tokyo, with 2 levels full of goodies. On the first floor you can find cute gadget accessories for your iPhone, iPad and cute bubble handbag.  Find anything cute, unique and trendy from stationery, decoration, wrapping paper to kitchenware in the floor above. 

The next stop is Jelly Dream, a shoe store that sells jelly shoes from Melissa. Price-wise it is cheaper than Jakarta. And in SALE season, they give quite big discounts. I got my Melissa shoes for only IDR 400,000 (USD 40) after a 65% discount! I was such a happy customer!

To buy gifts for your family and friends, just visit NaRaYa. It offers you a variety of products from different fabrics to cute things like wallets, house sandals, handbags, new mother's bags, home decor and many others. The prices are quite reasonable.

Plan your shopping:

This is the biggest LoFT store I saw after the one in Shibuya, Tokyo. Get LoST in here, you won't regret it.
Look how cute are the briefcase and make-up case collection in LoFT. The price is reasonable, but think twice to buy bulky things before later on you have difficulties to transport them back to your country.
These bubble bags in LoFT are very unique and make great gifts. Some of them come in flat packaging. You will need to pump some air into it, so it will shape like a real bag. A brilliant idea!
BAO BAO by Issey Miyake. I am quite happy that my store SPARKLING SOCIETY is competitive with their price :)
The relax seating area between Siam Central and Siam Discovery. It's a really nice place to sit in the open air, something that you can rarely do in Jakarta.
4.     MBK

After you have finished with Siam Discovery, take the sky walk to cross to MBK Mall. This is the older version of Platinum Mall, where you can find millions of fake branded bags, accessories, shoes, clothing, gold/jewelry, gadgets and many others. There is a TOPS supermarket on the ground level, where you can buy snacks as gifts for your family and friends. 

Everytime I'm in Bangkok, I always come to MBK only to visit 1 store, Mang Pong Entertainment. It's a DVD/CD store that sells many great foreign movies, including award movies that you cannot find in Jakarta. Sometimes you can get 1 CD for just 98 Baht (IDR 34,000) and the most important thing is that they are NOT fake CD aka. CD bajakan (in Bahasa) with good quality.

Plan your shopping:

I was so happy finding these DVD's. In Mang Pong Entertainment center, you can find many foreign movie DVDs that have not been released in Indonesia due to the censorship. Some of them were award winners or festival movies.
Day 2:
Block your schedule! You will need from 10 am to 10 pm to explore the most wanted shopping place to visit in Bangkok "Platinum Mall" and then continue your exploration to "Central World"

Platinum Mall is not along the line of BTS stations. You might need to take a taxi from your hotel. Taxis in Bangkok can be tricky. While they all have meters, they will ask you in the beginning to pay a fixed fare without using the meter, and often it will cost "double the meter". Or even more! However, in general taxi fares are on par with Jakarta. Negotiate well with the driver to get the best price since it may vary depending on the distance your hotel. 
5.     Platinum Mall

The Platinum Mall is the talk of the town! Not only a hype in Bangkok, but my friends in Jakarta were already super excited to recommend me this place. I was thinking maybe it's just like the ITC project in Indonesia. However, after I arrived at this mall and urgently needed to go to toilet, I was so shocked! The toilet was nicely clean, the janitor was properly dressed and they there was plenty of toilet paper. That's something!

The Platinum Mall claims to be the largest stylish wholesale & retail fashion mall with more than 2,300 shops. The women's fashion and accessories section dominates the stores selection in this mall. However you can also find men and children sections in designated level. 

For price, nothing can beat this mall. They offer the latest designs with very.. very affordable price. I bought an A Line dress for only 200 Baht (IDR 68,000) and a tank top at around 120 Baht (IDR 35,000). I was like.. PANIC ATTACK! Unfortunately, you can't try it on before you buy. From 12 clothes that I bought 2 don't fit me.

My suggestion is to browse the store from the highest floor near the food court area and end your walk on the ground floor. Based on my experience, you will find nicer selections on the higher levels. 

Prepare cash before you visit this place as you will have difficulties to pay with credit card. Bargaining is very important, all prices are not the final prices. Ask for whole sale price, you can get it if you buy a minimum of 2 pieces. However because the original price is not expensive, they will only give you 20 - 30 Baht less.

The store highlight is WIGGY - the wig store. Don't miss it, even only for a stop to try the wig on you. If at the end you don't buy, it means you're not shopaholic enough. You can't tell the difference to your own hair after you wear it. They also provide so many hair colors that one will fit with yours.

End your journey in this mall in the food court. You will find so much very reasonably priced food, from KFC, Thai to Padang food. They also offer "Halal Food". My favorite is Chicken Curry with crispy noodle.

Plan your visit:

WIGGY - the wig store. You can find a very good quality wig (medium length) in a wide range of colors made out of synthetic material. Price is only IDR 750,000,- (including the cleaning spray). It's half of Jakarta's price! The store assistant will be happy to teach you how to wear and clean it.
ADORABLE Accessories Shop. You will at least spend 15 minutes in here. Their collection fits with the their name: adorable!
The accessories: it's much better quality than Asemka traditional market in Jakarta, Indonesia
The kids level is very cute and colorful. I bought a set of jelly bag and coin wallet for my daughter in this store.
6.     Central World

Take a taxi from the Platinum Mall and say hello to the biggest mall in Bangkok! 

Trust me, you cannot finish this mall within 1 day. It's just too huge to explore. So you better plan your visit by checking it out on http://shopping.centralworld.co.th/CW/th/

Central World also has many good restaurants, a food court and a supermarket that sells Thai snacks for gift such as durian crackers and dried fruits.

Highlight of this place is ZEN, a department store that focuses on designer products (international & local brands) and concept store. You will be super excited to see their collection of hundreds of shoes.

N/N Next to NORMAL offers Rag & Bone jeans that you hardly can find in Jakarta, Indonesia
Day 3

Are you ready for your 3rd day? Today it's time for you to do window shopping or shopping like socialites in Gaysorn Luxury Mall which is located near Chit Lom BTS Station. Later on you can continue your shopping at the newest mall in town "Terminal 21".
Courtesy of Gaysorn, Bangkok.

7.     Gaysorn Luxury Mall

If you are not really a person who likes to spend your money for luxury goods, you can already skip this part. As the owner of Sparkling Society, a luxury boutique that offers branded bags in Kemang, South Jakarta, of course it's my job to sometimes do price comparison between the price in Jakarta and any other place in the world. So far the luxury goods price are on par with Jakarta. Sometimes it's a bit cheaper but not much. So spare your energy and money to buy it in Bangkok.

However if you still want to buy things, you can find Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Celine, Loewe and many others. 

Plan your visit:

Courtesy of asiapacific.anu.edu.au
7.     Terminal 21

From Gaysorn, take the BTS to On Nut direction and get off at Asok station. Terminal 21 is located in Sukhumvit 21 area and it is right next to the station.

It's the newest place in town compared to the other 6 malls. The airport terminal concept makes this mall feel like a real airport. Long escalators (apparently 36m), high ceilings and white decor dominate this mall. The other unique thing is that all floors are named based on famous places in the world like Caribbean, Hollywood, Rome, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco and LA. So you can literally go from Tokyo (1F) to London (2F) in less than 1 minute (LOL). 

With more than 600 stores, Terminal 21 tries to offer a shopping experience as a modern market street. You will find many cute boutiques with Japanese and Korean influence in here.  

Plan your visit:

After reading my review above, are you shopaholic enough to take up my challenge to explore 8 shopping malls in Bangkok in 3 days? Share with us your experience and your shopping result. Happy Valentine's Day!



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